RI Veteran Grave Flags


Flagging Page

Welcome to the Flagging page, here we will show you the proper way to flag graves using the United States flags provided by this program. We will also instruct you on the proper way to photograph the headstones of these veterans, how to fill out the paperwork/Eforms and how to submit those reports.

Flagging Graves

In this section we will shown the two locations for placing flags on veteran's graves.

For a flat headstone/marker, placement of the flag can either be to the left front of the headstone or to the center rear of the headstone/marker.

For an upright headstone/marker, placement of the flag is to be to the left front of the headstone/marker, at a 45degree angle of the left front corner of the headstone/marker.

With either type of headstone the flag should never be placed in front of the printing on the headstone/marker. There should only be one (1) U.S. flag per veteran, even if he/she has two headstones/markers.