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Definition of a Veteran

Any Man or Women, United States Citizen or None United States Citizen, who has at any time in their life joined any branch of service to defend the lands of, people of, rights of, freedom of, and Constitution of, the United States of America, in times of peace or conflict, from Foreign or Domestic individuals, groups, states or countries.

To have joined, means to have enlisted, whether volunteer, drafted or impressed into service by indentured servitude or by obligation as substitute into the armed service of any State or the United States as a nation for any term of service and has never taken up arms against the United States of America after such enlistment, regardless of final type of discharge, with the exception of a Dishonorable Discharge. A Dishonorable Discharge should be considered on a case by case situation.

Any branch of service, means Army: Regular, Volunteer or Militia; Navy: Regular, Volunteer or Chartered; Marine Corps; Air Force; Air Corps; Balloon Corps; Revenue Cutter Service; Lifeboat Service; Coast Guard; and/or Medical Service in times of armed conflict, to include Doctors, Surgeons, Assistant Surgeons, Nurses, and Matrons.


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Glossary of Terms

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