RI Veteran Grave Flags


Volunteers Page

Welcome to the Volunteers Page, here we will introduce you to the groups that volunteer their time to Flag & Honor our Veterans. Below you will find two columns of group names with their contact information and a link to their website (if they have provided one for that purpose).

This page is a page in progress and will change from time to time, groups will be added and removed as to the wishes of the group itself, check back from time to time for up dates, we will begin with the groups that completed their paperwork during last years flagging season.

In order to determine which group has flagged the cemetery or veteran you are interested in, please click on any of the Graves links throughout the website to be brought to that page. Once you have found your cemetery or veteran, see who is listed as the flagging authority and return to the Volunteers page in order to contact them, assist them or join them.